About Pachulí

The interior store Pachulí offers you one of a kind products and other interior services. From furniture, decoration items and original small presents like a patchouli candle for example, to a complete interior advice with 3D visuals, mood boards and homes staging options. Visit us in our store in Barcelona or contact us directly with your enquiry.

Written in Spanish the store is named after Patchouli, a plant which has been used for many years already because of its intriguing scent. Patchouli is a herb originally grown in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The oils extracted from the plant are nowadays often used in perfumes, scented candles and incense sticks. The store Pachuli Interior & Lifestyle has various scented candles and mikado sticks with the patchouli scent available. The patchouli aroma has a calming and stimulating anti stress effect and is also used for aroma therapies. 

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