order from your personal interior shopper

Not able to visit us in Barcelona? Different from a catalog or online shop we have a more personal option for to order. Send us a message on Whatsapp or Instagram with your product inquiry and we will send you possible items that are in line with our Pachulí product range.

We have national and international transport. * Availability and prices depend on the products and place.

Because we have a lot of unique and one of a kind pieces, stock is limited and updated quickly, this is why we prefer a more personal contact with our clients to give them all the options available. 


In need of a specific product? As we can order many more items apart from what we have available in our store, feel free to contact us about your inquiry and we will start hunting for you. We will browse within our hundreds of brands and contacts we are working with and will send you the options available. Do not hesitate and start contacting us as your personal interior shopper.

Interior Designer Architect, Stylist, Decorator or just simply passionate about interior and special items?

Our items come from different places world wide and we go shopping regularly. As there are many more exclusive treasures apart from our store that we do not want you to miss out on, please make sure to leave us your name and phone number. We will make sure you are the first one to see these original interior products that you are able to buy immediately and which might fit your project or home perfectly.

* The photos of the products we will send you will not be available in our store.

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