Pachulí offers you treasures originating from the deepest rain forests, to African and Indian craftsmanship as well as Dutch design and elegant French furniture. Come and check out the refreshing international interior mix together with Spanish heritage products, Cuban art, Moroccan hints and Balinese home furnishings.

Choose for earthy ceramics or colorful decorations to brighten up your interior style. We aim to offer you a complete and diverse presentation of unique interior and lifestyle products. The range of products is regularly updated in order to keep you inspired.

about our Custom Made products

A key element of Pachulí are the self designed sofas, vintage armchairs and dining room chairs. These true unique pieces can come from anywhere: Danish and Dutch authentic designs but also Spanish and French jewels, that have been sanded and treated in a way that gives them a new and refreshing life.

The way they used to make solid quality furniture is one to treasure. Next to comfort and quality we do not lose sight of the design. By giving these authentic pieces a good eye and the right treatment, we are able to assure you of unique pieces of furniture that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The fabrics are carefully selected from various high end brands.

Also other custom made furnishings like dining and coffee tables, shelvings, sliding doors etc. we can offer you in different sizes and materials. We work with various types of wood, mostly recycled, like oak and old train track beams for a rustic and original look. Also metal is one of our favorites to work with, in clean forms and oxidized.


At Pachulí you can find different types of art, from local photographers and graphic designers to acrylic paintings all the way from Cuba. They are all unique in their own way and will impress you even more when you actually see them with your own eyes.

The Stigerwoods sea creature tiles that are finished off with epoxy and the butterflies are signature items of our store. Every butterfly will brighten up your interior with their unique patterns and colors, a definite decorative winner. When you purchase a goddess of nature you automatically contribute to the conservation of butterflies and nature in different countries.


Next to our furniture we have a variety of lifestyle products to offer. Think about scented candles to start the mood at home with, artisanal and vintage eye catchers that have a story or that helpful diary that will make your life a little bit easier. From a pair of ROF boots to a decorative cushion or an inspirational book.

Come browse in our store and treat yourself to a gift or an original gift for a friend.

“We do our very best to offer you sustainable products that are hand made and unique. Pachulí searches for quality products that will last longer, are reusable or restored and given a new life. The purchase of many products we offer, contribute to the salvation of nature and give local artists and craftsman an opportunity.”

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